Administrate - UX/ UI Designer

UX/ UI Designer

Who We Are

Administrate builds an online platform that helps training providers save time and money. Our mission to make our customer’s training operations and training courses run better for less money.
We are a quickly growing, young, energetic company, with an established global customer base, a solid core team, and a clear vision.  Oh yeah, we also work a 4 day, 32 hour week, but we'll pay you a 5 day wage.

Who You Are

You're passionate about what you do. Always searching for a challenge, always looking to improve.  
You are a problem solver, and you find satisfaction in being able to improve the lives customers through creative solutions to real-world problems.

You’re a great communicator, and find creative ways to get your point across. At work you adhere to high standards, take input, provide input, and wrestle with problems until they're solved cleanly.  You enjoy working on a very creative team, and you know how to give and take, because teams are not just one person.  
You're striving for perfection, but grounded in reality, getting the job done comes first, but it's never something to hide behind, because you don't do 'ok'. If something isn't working you say why, and how to sort it. You're honest to a fault.
You love to work with smart, creative people and hate mediocrity. Small teams, dynamic organisations, and flexible working environments are what you thrive in. Bureaucracy is for someone else who likes wasting time and effort.

What you'll do

You will be primarily focused on improving the user experience of our product.  You’ll need to put yourself in the shoes of our customers and/or potential customers, understand their needs, and work with a team to design solutions that measurably improve their lives.

This will include communications directly with customers, analyzing product data, and finding and implementing solutions collectively with the engineering team.  

You will be a part of defining and working to implement design standards across a large and complex product, to provide a consistent and smooth experience.

In addition, you will have an allocation of time dedicated to assisting with our marketing and brand. Our visual identity is core to who we are and how we do it.  you will be upholding that in how we present our solutions and our team to the market, outside of the product itself.

Some examples of the common marketing deliverables you’d be working on include print media such as ads, flyers and white papers as well as online media including social media teasers, short videos and landing pages.

This is a rare opportunity to work at a product company that is passionate about design and believes that a beautiful working product is an end in itself.

What you’ll need

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Excellent problem solving skills - you know how to make the complicated seem simple, and to solve user problems creatively.
  • Excellent verbal and written, and visual communication skills- you have the ability to dig below the surface to identify the real needs, beyond what is first articulated
  • Evidence based decision making - you don’t only go on feel, you know how to generate and analyse data to make product decisions.
  • Visual designs skills, ability to express hierarchy, grouping and workflows.
  • Experience with prototyping tools/visual design software.
  • The vision to build and further our brand to reflect our company values, and set us apart as one of the top brands in the world.
  • The ability to work in a fast paced, high pressure team environment while maintaining high quality output.
  • Personal attributes: empathy, passion, humour, skepticism, analytical thinking, self-motivation, creativity, critical thinking, open.
  • Nice to have:

  • Experience in B2B SaaS products, especially in the EdTech sector.
  • The requisite skills to implement your designs (when necessary) using quality, modern, HTML/JS/CSS to be deployed on the web.
  • Experience with WordPress, being able to write custom design themes and research, configure, install, and troubleshoot plugins.
  • Experience working with one or more software engineering teams in order to bring product designs to market.

Where We Are

We are located in the Edinburgh CodeBase, at the heart of the Scottish tech startup scene.

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