Sector Spotlight: Security

CodeBase is home to over 60 companies, working on a variety of innovative tech products and services. This month we are highlighting the work of the security in tech companies based here and the range of projects, products and services they are working on. 


MiiCard provide an Identity Verification Service that changes the way people business online. Accepting miiCard identities, verified to the same level as a physical photo ID check, removes fraud, reduces risk and increases new customer conversion instantly. By leveraging the security and authority in an individual's financial accounts miiCard establishes proof of identity online, in minutes to remove the need for physical document checks.


Number of Employees: 10+

Funding Rounds to Date: $8.61M in 5 Rounds from 5 Investors


Zonefox specialises in helping their customers protect their business-critical assets; data and IP. Insider threat is a key problem for organisations, especially with intellectual property often ranking highly among a company's assets and being stored in easily movable formats.

Zonefox is a company set up to combat just such a problem by monitoring users, data and applications to detect signs of bad or misguided behaviour from the employees and alert the IT manager to what is happening.



Number of Employees: 10+

Funding Rounds to Date: $765.2k in 1 Round from 3 Investors

Symphonic Trust

Symphonic is the leading trust and governance framework for providing authentication of requests for data access between trusted partners. Built on patented technology and founded on five years of academic and industrial research, it offers a robust framework for supporting organisations which need to securely share data based on commercial or regulatory needs.

Number of Employees : 5+

Funding to date: £440k