Post Seedcamp Digest

Last week we teamed up with Seedcamp to hold the first Mini SeedCamp Edinburgh. We had hundreds of applications from some amazing startups from all over Scotland and further afield into Europe.

Of the nine that pitched we're very proud that four of the companies selected are a part of CodeBase: Bubbal, Coning House, Make it Social and MakeWorks. We also saw pitches from Scottish startups Onyu and Digital Receipts as well as MangoSteam (London), (Holland) and Pricelizer (Sweden).

On the first day we held SeedPrep, a pitching workshop for the founders of each company to go through their pitch and get a critique of what they did right and wrong. Carlos Espinal's feedback for the teams was incredibly valuable and insightful.

The next day saw the teams in front of a much larger audience consisting of local startups, investors and the press. Following an inspiring keynote by Gareth Williams, CEO of Skyscanner, each company gave their newly honed pitches. The difference one afternoon of discussion made was enormous - the slides were more concise and there was a dramatic increase in the level of confidence.

We’re now crossing our fingers for all those who entered, it’s the start of an amazing journey for all those involved and we’re really excited to see what the future brings.