Introducing Hotdesking

Since we've opened, something we've been regularly asked about it whether we could provide drop in space for people who are just in town for the day or week. Ask and ye shall receive! 


We've created a space through our new 38 Castle Terrace entrance to allow just that. With fast internet, comfortable sofas, and the legendary Filament Coffee keeping you caffeinated you'll have the perfect environment to put your laptop down for a few hours and get some work done. We're proud of the community we've fostered here, and we want amazing people to come and join us.


This space is for developers, creatives, entrepreneurs, designers, product managers, makers, digital marketers etc. We want people who want to collaborate and connect with our community, and make awesome things happen. This space is not for people to come to and sell their services to startups (recruitment consultants/professional services, we're looking at you!). 

For the opening week (18th - 22nd April) of Hotdesking it's going to be FREE, so come on by and check out the space! After that we'll be charging the bargain price of £50 a month or £10 for a day. It will be open Monday to Friday, 9 - 5. If you'd like any more info give us a call (0131 560 2003) or drop us an email to

Hope to see you soon!