Lab Bytes with Barclays Eagle Labs

In the CodeBase office, we're geeks for great stories about building tech businesses. We've each got our own selection of podcasts, blogs, and mailing lists that we receive to our inboxes on a daily basis. We've spent years curating information that we share with our team and with our tenants, but why should we get all the good stuff?

barclays eagle labs.png

We've come together with Barclays Eagle Labs to share this content far and wide. We want it to reach companies who are set on scaleing, and we want people to learn from the best. We'll be pulling together items from the practioners - those who are out there and have built or are building amazing products. It'll contain everything from big picture thought pieces to hypertactical hacks and tips, and there'll be listings of the best events happening around the country. 

Our first edition can be previewed at the Lab Bytes website. We want to shape this content around what you want, so any feedback please send our way!