CodeBase Shorts: Care Sourcer


Care Sourcer are the kind of company we love in CodeBase: they've got the domain expertise, are keen to learn and the drive to succeed. Following from their recent £500k seed round, they've grown the team (and their office!) and we took some time to catch up with them about their experience so far in CodeBase.


Andrew McGinley and Andrew Parfery, Founders, Care Sourcer.

McGinley: Care Sourcer is the UK’s first care comparison matching website. We have created a marketplace that makes it simple and easy for care seekers to connect to care providers, which currently doesn’t exist in the sector just now.

Parfery: We got into Care Sourcer originally because we ran our own care businesses. Together we employed over 400 staff and delivered over a million visits a year within care home services, and we really saw firsthand how the sector was in crisis and crumbling, and there were two main problems really. The first one was providers could not get a steady stream of clients outwith of low marge and local authority contracts, and the second problem essentially was that people looking for care, really could not find that care provider easily or quickly. So we came up with the concept of a market pace for care, if you like the ‘Right Move’ for care, and launched the UK’s first care comparison and matching website.

McGinley:The reason we came to CodeBase is that we had to start understanding a bit more that we were going to become a tech business. I did a tour with Oli and I instantly thought “I need to be in this environment to help grow this business”.

Parfery: Both of us are non technical founders, we have expertise in care but none whatsoever in tech and that was one of the key driving factors for us wanting to be in CodeBase, surrounded by 90 odd companies that are very focused on technology solutions, and we would say that we would not have made the progress that we have made had we not been in CodeBase surrounded by those people. The advice really covers the full spectrum of a startup and what a startup might have to go through and consider so, for instance, there are people in CodeBase who work for one of any of the 90 companies who are on hand and very able and willing and happy to share their time and expertise with you. From the former CTO of SkyScanner who’s on the same floor as us, to the people who actually work for CodeBase, and more specifically on that, they’ve been able to guide and advise us as to when to raise money, how much equity to give away in relation to that investment, through to being able to put high quality VC’s in front of us for us to pitch our ideas to. So there is the whole advice around the product and the technical aspect as well as how to actually grow that business and both have been exceptionally helpful for us as non technical cofounders ensuring that we don’t make big mistakes along the way.

McGinley: What CodeBase has helped us is to be ambitious and by being ambitious with this advisor we decided that we want to be the biggest care matching website in the UK, so we want the best, we need to work with the best.

Parfery: It’s about shooting for the stars, so it’s about realising that just because you’re from a small country doesn’t mean that you can’t be a huge company and the ambition to go and do that is fostered in CodeBase.