ONE CodeBase, Aberdeen 🍾

It's official – we have partnered with Opportunity North East (ONE) to create ONE CodeBase and together we're opening a brand new space in Aberdeen. The hub will be opened later in the year, comprised of flexible, affordable office space, coworking and hotdesking for fast growing digital tech startups. The focus as always will be on community - creating a space where people can access our network of digital tech mentors, growth specialists, and most importantly other digital tech entrepreneurs who are on the same journey.


Aberdeen has all the ingredients to create world class tech businesses. It has two amazing universities, churning out great technical talent. It has founders who have deep domain expertise - whether it is oil, gas, energy, food, drink and agriculture or life sciences - there are people who know their field and will be spotting clever ways in which digital tech can optimise their work. It has unique access to corporates, who are vital for sales, deal flow and helping connect fledgling businesses into a global network. Corporate digital transformation is a very hot topic in the energy sector in Aberdeen and globally.

In the coming months, we're going to be working with the digital tech community in Aberdeen to help join the dots and begin to build a digital cluster around the city. To begin with we'll be putting on events to engage with the local digital community and corporates, to help identify the fledgling digital tech companies and partners that will help build our community. When the hub is open we will be creating and delivering our usual events such as workshops around best practice in business, tech talks, coffee mornings, and coding clubs. 

If you're in Aberdeen, we want to hear from you - whether you're looking for space or just want to have a coffee and introduce yourself, get in touch.. and we look forward to seeing you at our first meetup in the next couple of months!