Tenant Interviews: Caspian Psychology

We sat down with one of CodeBase's Hotdeskers, Johnny Mitchell, for a chat about his company Caspian Psychology and basing himself from CodeBase Stirling the past couple months. 

Johnny Photo.jpg

What's the nature of your business? 
We develop digital and non-digital interactive games for organisations based on clear leraning objectives. These games help organisations achieve their learning objectives through the principles of gamification.

What are your plans for growth? 
Currently we have developed three interactive team games that are facilitated by our partners. In the near future we plan to develop short stand-alone apps and games that require no facilitation and can be played in the employees’ own time, but still linked to clear learning objectives. 


Why did you choose CodeBase? 
I tried out hotdesking and found that I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff. The location is also excellent, the coffee is good and there is table-tennis! 

How has being based here helped you? 
It’s been great for meeting a range of people that are working in different, but related industries. I think these contacts will be useful to me in the future. The staff at Codebase have also shared their contacts and knowledge with me which will help me as I grow the business.