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Tenant Interviews: Seymourpowell

We find out more about some of the innovative digital companies who call CodeBase Stirling home. To launch the series we get to know our very first tenants, Seymourpowell and chat to the company’s Scottish Lead, Craig Bunyan.

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Left to right : Craig Bunyan, Chris Doughty, Terance Grippon

Tell us more about Seymour Powell and the work you do.
We are an innovation company specialising in 3-dimensional product design; transportation; digital experience; ethnography, trend analysis and research; brand creation and structural packaging. We were founded in 1984 by Dick Powell and Richard Seymour. Since then we’ve been helping make things better for people and businesses by observing, understanding and innovating across a huge range of products and experiences. Some of our milestone projects include: The first Cordless Kettle (Tefal-Calor); the first pocket sized mobile phone (Nokia); the first commercial Space ship interior (Virgin Galactic); the first modular and ethically produced mobile phone (Fairphone).

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Your HQ is in London - does the work you do in Stirling differ from that in London?
We like to talk about SP as a collection of experts, we are proud of the fluidity and flexibility of the people who work for us.  This ethos of flexibility means that every project involves the people best suited to delivering the best results. Subsequently, our team in Scotland work seamlessly across the projects which are being tackled by the company, in the same way that people in London work on projects won and managed from the Scottish office. Having said that, the main expertise sitting within our Scottish team is related to Digital experience design, as such, we tend to pursue, win and execute work in that area from this office.

What kind of clients do you work with?
Right now, our team in Scotland are working with Lego, SuperDry, Stirling Council, Diageo, PepsiCo.

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What attracted you to CodeBase Stirling?
For the past two years we have been based out of a rural setting to the west of Stirling.  Whilst that space had tremendous aesthetic and lifestyle appeal, we found that the isolation from other creative agencies as well as the transport logistics was detrimental to our team’s development. CodeBase offers our team the opportunity to be embedded in a vibrant community of like-minded people.  

Tell us about the advantages of working here?
Ready access to good coffee! That, and having ready access to talented and motivated, freelancers. We will have possible partner companies literally on our doorstep, and we’ll be supported by the fantastic staff from the CodeBase team, working to promote everything which goes on within the facility.



Questions : Barry McDonald, CodeBase STL - Events and Community, @TPMBarry

Answers : Craig Bunyan - Seymour Powell Ltd, 

SeymourPowell are currently on the hunt for a Digital Experience Specialist to join their Stirling team.