Cloudsoft is a specialist in migrating, running and evolving applications in the cloud.

Cloudsoft has built up years of valuable experience working with applications and automation in the cloud, especially AWS. We have software in our DNA as the company behind the open source Apache Brooklyn project for application modelling and automation. We 'dogfood' our software in our AWS cloud services, and we sell and support it to enterprise clients as a product called Cloudsoft AMP.

We work on cloud projects with companies ranging from startups to Tier 1 banks with specially designed services to Migrate, Run and Evolve your applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our goals are your goals: deliver real business outcomes to reduce costs, increase resilience, improve agility in terms of speed-to-deploy and application responsiveness, and continuously exploiting the pace of AWS innovation.

At Codebase we've helped our "friends & family" tenants to migrate in a few ways: migrate from non-cloud hosting into AWS where we then run their services for them with 24x7 support, high availability, scale and access to a world-class engineering team. We also help businesses that are already in AWS to supercharge their experience.

Most importantly for innovative startups that are always changing, the Cloudsoft superpower is collaborating with our customers to evolve their applications to decouple the application and exploit cloud services, making their applications more cloud-native over time.

We are up on Floor M and offer a FREE consultancy for Codebase tenants - sign up here.

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