Dealing with innovation, internally or particularly with external partners, can feel like wading through treacle - governance processes, fears of vapourware, procurement challenges, new product approval boards, preferred supplier lists, auditing, risk, integration teams - it’s a wonder anything new ever gets done.

You’ve probably tried some stuff out before: Interminable POCs, exploratory hackathons that become CSR hackathons, event sponsorships with weak ROI outcomes… wouldn’t it be great to do something more tangible? At CodeBase we’ve been engaging with startups and corporates for the past 4 years, trying really hard to bring them together in meaningful ways. We know that startups find it very hard to sell, but we also know that corporates find it very hard to buy.

We can make relevant introductions and help manage relationships and expectations.

We can connect you with knowledge transfer partners, Innovate UK programme partners, and academia to help you save time and streamline your approach.

We are building multi-partner programmes that you can be part of, exposing corporates and startups to each other, crucially led by third parties who understand both worlds - think exited startup people who moved into the corporate space, or vice versa.

We’ve been through this before, and our friends at PwC and Barclays will attest that this isn’t empty talk. Let’s have a chat.