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Python Workshop

Python Workshop

A two day workshop designed to help you improve your ability to write Python code.


You work through a series of self-paced lessons, each building upon the previous, although you can jump ahead or ask for extra clarification at any stage.

This will be complemented by small break-out clarification/demonstration talks to clusters of attendees who are at the same stage.

The aim is for you to learn what is most relevant to you, while you have expert help at hand, without being constrained by the pace of the group.

You are also invited to bring in your own code so you get a chance to see how you could apply the new practices in a real world situation and ask questions.


Some of the topics covered in the self-paced lessons:

- Running scripts and using the command line
- Syntax basics and ground rules
- Working with tuples, lists and dictionaries
- How variables really work
- Tricks for learning faster
- Tricks for editing & testing faster
- Python's control structures (while, for, if, with, try, except...)
- Defining, calling, chaining and passing functions
- Builtin functions you may have missed
- Python style (PEP8)
- Creating modules
- Testing functions with doctests
- Techniques to avoid bugs and problems
- Advanced use of functions
- Writing cleaner code without OOP
- Writing cleaner code using simple OOP
- Advanced unit testing
- More advanced OOP use cases
- OOP mistakes and pitfalls
- Refactoring exercises
- Design patterns you will actually use
- Measuring and optimising code


This is not a basic whistle-stop tour of Python's features. There is a strong emphasis on showing you
how to write code which:

- Is easy to follow and understand
- Is less likely to hide bugs
- Doesn't force you into corners later
- Takes less time to troubleshoot
- Is easier to modify, test, reuse and extended

The break-out talks will focus mostly on that theme. Our aim is to make your programming life easier!


Please bring a laptop with:

- A WIFI adapter
- A modern browser
- Python installed (version 2.7.5 preferred)
- A decent editor/IDE you are comfortable with.

Please test your installation before showing up!


This course wil span two days, from 9am to 5pm each day.


We will provide basic tea and coffee. There is a cafe & seating area which serves italian coffee snacks (but not proper food) and has a kettle & microwave. For lunch there are a few cafes just outside the building, and there is a Sainsbury's nearby.

More details on the Code Coaching Ninja Website.

This course is managed through Eventbrite

Earlier Event: 13 April
Later Event: 15 April
Python Workshop