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IOT//EDI (Wellness Wearables)

IOT//EDI (Wellness Wearables)

Wearable Technology is set to transform the health and wellness sector. According to Gartner, this year the worldwide market for wearable devices will grow by 18.4%. The company predicts that sales of smartwatches alone will account for 50.4 million units. The total wearable electronic device market worldwide will be comprised of 274.6 million units, which includes everything from smartwatches and head-mounted displays (HUDs) to fitness trackers, and connected apparel. These stats should however be put into perspective - over 1.5bn smartphones will be sold this year!

In addition to helping consumers stay fit and healthy, wearable tech is also starting to transform not only the medical sector, but also many different business sectors, as well as industry. Medical professionals are starting to use medical grade devices to track and monitor patient health. Furthermore, HUDs, combined with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, will be increasingly used for all kinds of applications. Examples include on-site training, emergency response, and even surgery. 

Lead sponsor for this event is Product Forge, a company founded by Allan Lloyds, which organises competitive product focused multidisciplinary hackathons. Their aim is to nurture talent in the creative and digital technologies sector. 

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