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Stories That Sell

Stories That Sell

By Clean + Cool

Hero's Journey Workshop

Learn how to use the world's most powerful stories to grow your cleantech business faster

Why stories? We're hardwired through evolution to respond to them because stories are the way we have shared ideas for 100,000's of years and still do so today. 

A good story will resonate with potential investors and customers. It will bring your vision to life in a way that makes people want to share your future. It will inspire people to rally behind the problem that you know is worth solving. It will give people the reasons to believe that you will be successful. 

We're running this workshop because we want you to: 

  • Understand the world's most successful story structure

  • Reveal your own true story 

  • Start to weave that narrative into how you sell yourself

It will build upon many of the universal wisdoms and practical tips you may already know about; writing the perfect investor pitch deck, creating a digital presence, speaking to journalists and delivering a spot-on sales presentation. 

Join us for a one day workshop to develop a better pitch and build a better profile, inspired by the Clean + Cool heroes and villains of Silicon Valley and Hollywood. 

About the host: 

Clean + Cool supports and celebrates the best of British cleantech SMEs, connecting them to investors, customers and peers in the UK and around the world. 

Guy and Will (Long Run Works) have been making and telling stories for over 30 years, for clients selling brown fizzy drinks to campaigns about real beauty, superhumans and the best of British cleantech. 

Christian Inglis and Mike Pitts (Innovate UK) will be on hand to share their thoughts on your stories and any of their opportunities. As will Clean + Cool alumnus, Mike Goves, CEO, Topolytics.

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