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Non-Tech Tech Meetup

Non-Tech Tech Meetup

We operate a structured but agenda-less meeting with time for drinks and chat. 

No pressure to prepare anything, but ideally come with a particular area that you're struggling with, or would like to learn more about. Each person can briefly describe their topic, and we'll discuss as a group.  

The rough structure: 
- 30 mins of general chat / drinks
- Break off into tables of 6(ish) 
- Each person discusses something they are struggling with or would like to learn more about
- We discuss as a group for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the group votes on if we should continue discussing that topic, or move onto the next person
- We move around the group so everyone can discuss / input on a particular topic
- Go to pub  

This is very much a rough structure and it is likely that some people will want to discuss similar topics. Hopefully it will let us cover a range of topics and ensure that everyone has a chance to talk about what is important to them. 

Earlier Event: May 10
Later Event: May 11
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