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UWI Technology - Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive

Part-time Permanent Position - 3 days per week or equivalent

UWI Technology was founded in 2009 when CEO and Inventor, Pete Higgins, couldn’t tell whether a jar of mayonnaise he’d found in the fridge was still good to put in his son’s sandwich. Like so many of us with our children’s food, he wasn’t willing to risk it, so he binned it. And so the concept for the UWI Label was born.

The UWI Label is an elapsed time indicator showing the time since opening or mixing. It starts automatically and has a clear and simple graphical display showing green when it is good to use and red when it’s not.
A few years on, and the UWI Label has had much interest globally, significantly beyond the food industry and into aerospace, life sciences, cosmetics and the list is growing. In fact, anywhere where a product degrades, becoming less effective or even harmful over time after opening or mixing.

The Marketing Executive role will involve a diverse range of marketing and communications activities from online to print, from social media to traditional PR, from copywriting to events planning and more. You will be working with a senior marketer and sales executive to achieve the marketing and sales strategy as we take the UWI Label to numerous applications, sectors and countries.

Can you create compelling and effective online and offline content?
Can you help build our brand using social media?
Do you have a creative eye?
Are you a stickler for detail?
Do you get your sleeves rolled up and muck in?

We are a small but fast growing company and are excited to be looking for the right candidate to join the team as a Marketing Executive. We would love to hear from you if you can answer yes to these questions and think you have the right skills, attitude and experience to help us get our message out.

If you are looking for a ‘job’, this role isn’t right for you, we are looking for someone who really wants to get involved with the business to share this exciting journey with us at UWI.

The position is for 3 days per week or equivalent so, for instance, the hours could be distributed across five days.

With your CV, please include a covering letter sharing what you will bring to the team and email to Nicola Harkness at As a bit of a challenge, please include what you think UWI stands for.