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Administrate - Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Who We Are

Administrate builds an online platform that helps training providers save time and money. Our mission to make our customer’s training operations and training courses run better for less money.
We are a quickly growing, young, energetic company, with an established global customer base, a solid core team, and a clear vision. Oh, and we work a 4 day, 32 hour week, but we'll pay you a 5 day wage!

Who You Are

You're passionate about what you do. Always searching for a challenge, always looking to improve, you broke your first computer exploring what made it tick, then you rebuilt it, better than it was before. Better...stronger...faster.

You build your own great stuff for fun, but at work you choose standards and reuse, because teams are not just one person, and you don't reinvent the wheel. Do things once, if people think you're doing it twice, they are wrong, you scripted it weeks ago.

You're striving for perfection, but grounded in reality, getting the job done comes first, but it's never something to hide behind, because you don't do 'ok'. If something sucks you say why, and how to sort it, it doesn't matter who's being stupid. You're honest to a fault.

You love to work with smart people and hate mediocrity. Small teams, dynamic companies and flexible working environments are unparalleled. Bureaucracy is for someone else who likes wasting time and effort.

You have been around, learned the ropes and know how to keep your team from falling into the usual traps.  You enjoy leading by example, encouraging and challenging other members of your team.

Work hard. Work smart. Work well.

What You'll Do

Work on business critical applications with real customers around the world. We aren't building better social todo lists here, we do real software with real engineering.

Develop solutions in a variety of languages and leading technologies. Our core system is PHP, but we use Python and even good old statically typed, complied languages where required.

Be a catalyst within the engineering team for cleaner code, better tests, more scalable solutions.

What You'll Get

Something to talk about. Real programmers have stories about code, we have a 7 year old codebase. You will have stories, good ones about defeating dragons, saving distressed peasants and founding cities that reach to the sky.

Real impact on our products. We are a team of equals, the best ideas win, whomever has them.

Paid, in real money, not promises, from an established company.

Technologies We Use

We use the following technologies each day:

  • PHP - used for legacy code base
  • Python - all new code
  • Flask
  • AngularJS
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Celery
  • Chef

Where We Are

We are located in the Edinburgh CodeBase, at the heart of the Scottish startup scene. 

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