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The ID Co. - IT Engineer Leading to Devops

IT Engineer Leading to Devops

We live in a convenience world where so much of what we want to do is online yet there is still so much we can't or don't want to do. Imagine opening a bank account not in weeks but in minutes, sharing your information in confidence and having control of your personal data and identity.

At The ID Co. our mission is simple. We want to create a layer of trust in the internet that doesn’t currently exist and solve one of the greatest challenges of our digital generation.

We have been on our journey as one of Scotland's leading FinTech start-ups for 5 years now and our platform is a vital component for major financial institutions around the world. With new customers, users and challenges every month - we are growing fast and looking for the best talent to join our engineering team in Edinburgh.

We strongly believe in being the best by constantly improving our design, development and delivery practices. If you aren't already excited by concepts such as Agile/Lean methodologies, continuous delivery and merging the worlds of creation and operations - you will be soon!


We're looking for you to take on the role of managing our IT infrastructure but we want you to make sure you do as little of that as possible by completing our transition of all services into the cloud! You need to be a huge fan of not just virtualisation but moving services off-premise and into the cloud - we don't need you to be an evangelist; as a cloud software manufacturer we are already sold on the idea so just need you to complete the transition and ensure we have robust, enterprise-class cloud IT.

You'll need a decent working experience of networking, Active Directory, Windows and (ideally) Linux as well as cloud solutions. We exclusively use Azure but if you have strong experience of AWS or Google Cloud then that's probably transferable.

So if IT is happily ticking along, what does that leave for you to do? We're hoping you'll be excited about the idea of expanding your knowledge of DevOps, especially Continuous Integration, automated deployment and cloud resource management.

We'd love you to become the domain expert in our CI and deployment services (currently running on TeamCity) and take on our Azure resources, especially around cost-management, security, scaling and management.

You'd be working directly with our Engineering, Customer Service and Management Teams, providing a key role in operating and maintaining the automation, resilience and security of our SaaS platform.

An exciting opportunity to be involved in the evolution of our operations capabilities, you will be involved throughout the project lifecycle. You will be fundamental in designing and implementing solutions which will aim to improve the delivery of our growing platform, to streamline our development life-cycle and support the business.

You will develop and maintain mission critical backup and security systems whilst developing further our continuous delivery, versioning and information systems using the latest technology stacks and methodologies.

We are constantly looking for ways to evolve in every area of our business, and as an open and trusting organisation we'll be continuously looking to you for suggestions which will help us improve our products, technology stack and working practices across the board.


Like every job advert, we have to have a couple of bullet point lists but there's a little more to this role than just saying "tick, yep, got it, tick..." - we need someone who has worked in an IT sysadmin role but now wants to look at expanding into the DevOps world.

This means that before you even look at the bullet points we'd expect you to already have some interest in software development. We don't need a degree in Computer Science, or 20 years of coding or anything like that; we're looking for someone who has a hobbyist or semi-professional interest in coding. You've maybe knocked up some websites at home in PHP or Node, or you use PowerShell or bash to script everything to within an inch of its life, but the key is that you need to be interested in software so that you can help our product team continue to produce great applications!


  • 3+ years experience in systems administration of Windows Server and Active Directory
  • Solid understand of network principles and experience of configuring firewalls and VPNs
  • Migration to cloud experience in Azure, AWS or Google Cloud
  • Solid understanding of workstation management
  • Experience working with and improving highly scalable and highly available services
  • Experience working in and improving effective Change procedures
  • Experience maintaining and improving effective backup solutions for mission critical systems and a working knowledge of disaster recovery / business continuity strategies
  • An interest in software development, either hobbyist or professional
  • A strong desire to add DevOps skills to your repertoire


  • Database admin / querying experience, ideally with SQL Server
  • Experience of working in a software development environment (internally or for external customers)
  • Linux administration
  • Experience with Continuous Integration / Delivery solutions
  • Experience with Source Code Control Solutions (we use git)
  • ISO27001, DPP/GDPR and related Information Assurance structures


We are a close team of passionate and driven individuals - are you? We have big aspirations and we hope that you do too!

Teamwork is a priority. Whether working with other engineers, with stakeholders or with our customers - you'll be constantly communicating and working collaboratively.

Your opinions matter, but so do the opinions of others. We encourage everyone, no matter their position, to be forthright with ideas and criticisms and to champion their beliefs into realities. This also means that we all have to be great listeners, able to take criticism constructively and help others in realising their objectives.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Stock option opportunities
  • Holidays - 25 days plus public holidays
  • Opportunity to increase holidays to 30 days through service years
  • Up to 4 Days per year to innovate outside your day job
  • Mentoring and training
  • Beer o' Clock every Friday
  • Most Valuable Players nominated by the team
  • Monthly social activities like paintballing, chocolate tasting etc
  • A great office and working environment

So if you are up for the challenge and doing something great to change how we trust and transact online, why don't you get in touch. Send us details of your portfolio to show us how you would be able to contribute to our team. You can reach us at