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Administrate University - Training Manager

Training Manager


Who You Are

You're passionate about what you do. Always searching for a challenge, always looking to improve. 

You love to learn and you love to explain.  You enjoy writing, and you’ve always done it well.  You’re a great communicator, and find creative ways to get your point across. At work you adhere to high standards, take input, provide input, and wrestle with problems until they're solved cleanly.  You enjoy working on a very creative team, and you know how to give and take, because teams are not just one person. 

You're striving for perfection, but grounded in reality, getting the job done comes first, but it's never something to hide behind, because you don't do 'ok'. If something sucks you say why, and how to sort it, it doesn't matter who's being stupid. You're honest to a fault.

You love to work with smart, creative people and hate mediocrity. Small teams, dynamic organisations, and flexible working environments are what you thrive in. Bureaucracy is for someone else who likes wasting time and effort.

Work hard. Work smart. Work Well.

What You'll Do

You’ll build a profitable, high quality, training business within Administrate that provides training about Administrate (and the industry in general) to our customers (and community). 

This training company should educate:

1.       Users of Administrate on the software solution itself (increasing retention, NPS, and efficiency).

2.       Users of Administrate on the partners we have and their solutions (integrations, etc.) which again increases retention and customer success.

3.       Customers of Administrate on how to run a successful training business. Retention, Success, Customer Growth.

4.       Partners of Administrate on the solution we provide and our joint solution. Partner Retention, Growth.

You’ll be required to quickly develop a deep understanding of our product, our market, our customers, and messaging, in order to design and deliver a bespoke programme of content and certifications.

As the role develops you’ll also be responsible for supporting consistent and comprehensive internal onboarding and training to support our business growth plans.

Key responsibilities:

  • You will own the new venture of training as a mini-business within Administrate, alongside it’s product.  All the following responsibilities flow from that concept.
  • You will need to manage the P&L of the training programme to work toward a profitable run-rate in 6 months’ time.
  • You will be responsible for the curriculum and content development
  • You will deliver the training required, until such time that the financials can support other instruction resources.
  • You will work with the Chief Product Officer and executive team to identify a viable pricing model for the training.
  • While much of the marketing and sales of this training can be developed to flow through other Administrate departments, you are ultimately responsible for sales and must be able to use these channels to grow the training business.

What You’ll Need

  • Experience of developing and delivering bespoke curriculum content.
  • Commercial acumen.
  • A very strong work ethic, with a track record for getting things done in a high pressure, time sensitive environment.
  • Excellent problem solving skills – you’ll need to be able to listen to clients (internal & external) to identify needs, and then to provide potential solutions based on their expertise with the system.
  • Project management experience, including use of project management tools, and understanding of scope, project planning, project execution, and project reporting.
  • A technical understanding of computer systems – you don’t need to be a software engineer but you need to get how things work.
  • Organisation and time management skills.
  • Interpersonal skills – you’ll be interacting with people all the time so you need to be able to manage stakeholder relationships well.
  • Communication skills – you need to be able to communicate well both in writing and verbally, and be cognisant that we operate internationally so English won’t always be the first language for some of our customers.
  • Flexibility – you won’t always be online at the same time as your colleagues and customers so you need to be flexible to accommodate different time zones.
  • This role is anticipated to require up to 50% travel.

Who We Are

Administrate builds an online training platform that helps training providers save time and increase their course bookings. Our mission is to make our customer’s training operations and training courses run better for less money.

We are a fast growing, young, energetic company, with an established global customer base, a solid core team, and a clear vision. Oh yeah, we also work a 4 day, 32 hour week but we’ll pay you a 5 day wage.

Where We Are

We are located in the city centre of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.  Our offices are in the Edinburgh CodeBase, at the heart of the Scottish startup scene.

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