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Voxsio - Technical Architect

Technical Architect

Voxsio is at an early stage in its development and this is an opportunity to be one of the first employees, with the ability to set the technical direction and the cultural environment.

What we do

Voxsio’s Conversational Search product uses machine learning along with modern web 3.0/semantic web technologies to deliver personalised relevant information for people accessing critical services. This has to be delivered at scale, and for wide range of customer domains.

The Role

This is the senior technical position within Voxsio, with responsibility for the following.

  • Technical Architecture of the Conversational Search product.
  • Deployment and support of the Conversational Search onto a cloud platform (e.g. AWS or similar)
  • Developing the Conversational Search back-end, in particular the machine learning component.
  • Leading and project managing the end-to-end development of Conversational Search.
  • Developing and leading the Voxsio technical team

What you bring

  • Technically strong, with the ability to explore product development possibilities and the discipline to focus on delivery.
  • Broad experience in software development and an ability to demonstrate adherence to good practices.
  • Fundamental understanding of machine learning for Natural Language Understanding and how it can be used to deliver conversational interfaces. Ideally a relevant qualification.
  • Wider knowledge of technology stack relevant for connectivity to other channels for deployment and integration with existing CMS.
  • Experience of constructing technical architectures that use 3rd party components and are cloud hosted (e.g. with AWS or similar).
  • Track record of delivering software development projects
  • Experience of recruiting and leading technical teams

Our Culture

  • Voxsio believes in a nourishing workplace where people from diverse backgrounds are welcome. Every employee has a responsibility for promoting and maintaining this culture.
  • As with any early stage company, Voxsio needs to be able adapt and respond to new opportunities, this agility needs to be reflected in its employees.
  • Every Voxsio employee will need to a self-starter and resilient, able to overcome challenges and work together to achieve the goals that we set.
  • We enjoy what we do and we are passionate about it, and this is reflected in our product.

How to apply

Email, and attach your C

Please no recruitment agencies, we want to spend our money rewarding our employees not paying you!