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Merkle Aquila - Data Engineer

Data Engineer

We’re looking for an experienced Data Engineer to join our expanding team and help build slick, smart data applications for our clients. At Aquila Insight we have built a world-class team that delivers outstanding results for our clients. A strong ethos and values that drive sustainable growth are essential to how we do business. When faced with difficult decisions and new challenges, it means our people won’t just go after the money. We stick to our own high standards and do business in a way that makes Aquila Insight a great place to work.

We reviewed our analytics and modelling capabilities in 2014, concluding that an existing proprietary, manual and static set-up needed to migrate to an open-source, tightly automated, dynamic & strategic solution we call Discovery.

The Discovery Data Management Platform continues to evolve. Our main areas of focus and investment in 2018 and 2019 are:

  • Extending our web applications to cover more predictive and prescriptive functionality.
  • Refactoring models to operate on distributed computing platforms.
  • Adding new functionality and components to link model outputs to a broader range of interaction channels.
  • Creating connectors to additional external data sources and adding to our utility datasets.
  • Discovery is the brainchild of Engineering Solutions, an 14-strong team of engineers based at Aquila’s Edinburgh HQ.

The Engineering Solutions Clan consists of three teams – Development, Testing and DevOps. Development and Testing are managed by our Head of Application Development while DevOps is overseen by our CTO. Data Engineers are members of the DevOps team. Product management is the domain of our dedicated Product Manager and the Engineering Solutions Clan reports directly into Aquila Insight’s board via our CEO, Warwick Beresford-Jones.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Write well-structured, beautiful, clean code.
  • Architect automated data systems and applications.
  • Design smart ways of storing and displaying complex data.
  • Support automated testing to check the quality of your contributions.
  • Work with our analysts and our clients to help them shape strategic analytics roadmaps and architectures.
  • Care about your craft, be aware of new technologies and be keen to review and explore them when appropriate.
  • Feed your opinions, backed by data and investigation, to our design forum and our wider team.
  • Support and train your analyst colleagues to use new modeling and analytical tools and systems.
  • Define your career path and take the opportunity to learn, create and grow.

To be a successful Data Engineer you will have the following skills and experience:

  • A deep understanding of platform architecture and the reasons why we practice DevOps.
  • Core DevOps, distributed computing, networking, security and infrastructure skills.
  • Cloud computing and its security, automation and manageability.
  • Experience writing code.
  • Excellent knowledge of Unix scripting and one of R, Python, Java or Scala.
  • Data architectures, the Lambda pattern, batch versus streaming and the pros and cons of each.
  • Application architectures; version control.
  • Technologies you will be expected to use:
    • Ubuntu server, shell scripting.
    • Amazon Web Service APIs.
    • Apache Spark, Zeppelin and Apache Hadoop, Hive and HBase.
    • AWS EMR, EC2, S3.
    • Docker, Docker Compose and Jenkins.
    • Pentaho Data Integration and PostgreSQL.
    • Scala, Java, R, Python, PHP, JavaScript.
    • Bitbucket, Docker Hub and JIRA.

We look for people with these behaviours:

  • Collaborate – we reward exceptional team work over individual “heros”. Collaboration and openness are important both in your mindset and in tools that you use.
  • Integrity – demonstrate personal and professional integrity through respectful, honest and trustworthy behavior towards colleagues, clients and stakeholders.
  • Challenge constructively – share ideas by encouraging debate in a respectful and supportive manner.
  • Proactivity – think ahead, plan ahead.
  • Inspirational leadership – create enthusiasm, empower people and instill confidence.
  • Be practical – do not optimise solutions prematurely, keep functionality lean, set realistic expectations.
  • Passion – we look for people who love what they do!

We look for people who demonstrate Aquila’s values.

Deliver brilliantly
Push when others hesitate, find the problem and fix it. Look ahead, anticipating barriers and share your solutions to be our client’s secret weapon.

Be open
Consider opinions but voice your point of view, shoulder responsibility yet allow others to help.

Take initiative
Keep searching for the next big thing, find new ways of working, lead the action and shape your future.

Be the difference
Take the desired outcome and create the best solution to be our client’s hidden advantage.

As member of Engineering, you will benefit from:

  • Competitive salary.
  • 28 day’s holiday plus bank holidays.
  • Your birthday off.
  • Eligibility for company pension scheme.
  • Healthcare.
  • Company life assurance scheme.
  • Discretionary annual bonus.
  • Excellent work life balance.
  • Employee of the month reward scheme.
  • Childcare vouchers and free fruit baskets in the office.

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