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Float - Developer



  • Keen to continually progress, improve and evolve your programming skills.
  • Great attitude and an approach focused on taking the time to gain a better understanding through solving problems, rather than rushing to finish the task.
  • Work together, learning as a team, and solving problems together.
  • Understanding of the fundamentals of Javascript and/or Ruby desired.
  • Test/Behaviour Driven Development experience beneficial.


  • Small team, collaborative approach.
  • Everyone has their say, everybody’s opinion matters
  • Strong focus on individual development, time to work on personal projects.
  • Global user base.


  • Full Stack/ Front End/Back End positions available.
  • Ruby and Rails back end, Javascript/Coffescript Backbone Front End.
  • Git for version control.
  • Agile processes.
  • Contribution towards large architectural decisions.
  • Salary dependent on experience.

We want to hire a team player rather than a rock star; we’re looking for people who can lead others, take responsibility for their code and make things better.

We can offer exciting work, a great environment and one of the most exciting developer jobs in Edinburgh.

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