LawTech Bridge

Where the world’s law firms and the UK’s most promising LawTech startups come together.

We’ve partnered with Barclays Ventures to share startup thinking with law firms.

Startups have Meetups in their DNA - the legal sector doesn’t, and we’re looking to change that.

LawTech Bridge breaks down the barriers between law firms and startups. It’s a space to share experiences, create a common language, and create opportunities to collaborate.


LawTech is a series of Meetups for law firms who want to innovate more effectively. It’s for cutting edge LawTech startups who want to do more than just pitch themselves in a beauty parade.

It’s a unique setting which brings together experts from CodeBase, Barclays Ventures, and guest speakers from our global network who will share their stories.

We’re friends with a bunch of people who can help you find your way through the world of corporate transformation. We’ll bring them to you (well, to the Notting Hill Gate Eagle Lab) and we promise that it won’t feel like a corporate event.

LawTech Bridge is a must-attend for stakeholders from all facets of the legal industry looking to better understand how to thrive in today’s ever-changing technology-driven market. No other forum brings together practicing lawyers, innovation specialists, new entrants and tech experts to share not just experiences and insights, but also humour and drinks!
— Tara Waters, Co-CEO, Ashurst Digital Ventures

Big Companies Can’t Buy.

Small Companies Can’t Sell.

Lots of big companies come to visit us at CodeBase, and we chat with the startups in our UK network every day. We’ve developed a playbook that we teach at our LawTech Bridge Meetups, covering each of these four topics.



We’ll expose you to digital agencies, product management, startupification and VCification thinking



It’s never as easy as just buying a startup. What value are they bringing, and how do you manage the culture shift?



We want startups, digitally native corporates and the legal sector to work together in perfect harmony



Corporate Venture Capital is hard to get right. We’ll bring in experts who can help you understand new risk models