Startups and Scaleups

Building a fast-growing tech business is hard. But you don’t have to do it alone.

There are so many benefits to being surrounded by fellow startups and scaleups who are going through the same journey, experiencing the same peaks and troughs, and all learning from each other. Grow your network, find talented people to work with, and get out of your bubble so you avoid the pitfalls of building a business in isolation.

Some of the questions we love to talk about on a daily basis:


  • How do you find co-founders?

  • How do you judge your Total Addressable Market?

  • How do you navigate public funding?

  • How do you go about raising investment?

  • What does a good term sheet look like?

  • What should you look for in a product roadmap?

  • How do you protect IP when you’re expanding globally?


  • How do you find and retain the best talent?

  • How do you get your first enterprise sale?

  • How do you build your org chart?

  • How do you build a board?

  • How do you navigate corporates and POCs?

  • How do you build partnerships and go-to-market strategies?

  • How do you know when you have Product Market Fit?

So how does CodeBase help?

We can provide flexible and affordable office space that has all the important stuff; fast internet, growth space, meeting rooms, and a curated community. Most importantly, we provide access to operator led (that means people with current hands-on knowledge) mentorship from a global network, relevant events, cool partners with benefits, and access to investors at all stages of growth. Maybe you just need to find the right person to chat with over a coffee. We can help.

Our superpowers are curating and connecting. Want to talk about your idea or growth plans over a coffee? 👇

Nice things that people said


"it’s about realising that just because you’re from a small country doesn’t mean that you can’t be a huge company, and the ambition to go and do that is fostered in CodeBase."

Andrew Parfery, Director, Care Sourcer


"From our first meetings with CodeBase, it was clear they understood where we wanted to go with our company. They pushed us, challenging us to understand our market and what unique problems we were trying to solve.

"This approach kept us honest and focused on our product market fit... All in all, the combination of knowledge sharing, goal setting and opportunity available to us at CodeBase has given Pasabi the edge it needs to become a success."

Chris Downie, CEO, Pasabi


"CodeBase is a great incubator as it’s the focal point of Scotland’s biggest tech community. They understand the startup mentality and provide access to useful events, advisors and potential investors."

Ali Khajeh-Hosseini, CEO, ShopForCloud (acquired by Rightscale)

"As a first time founder myself, one of the most valuable aspects of Codebase is the amazing support received.

"The CodeBase team and other start up companies are an invaluable trusted source of knowledge. They are genuine operators - people who‘ve been and done it themselves before. I feel privileged to be around others who totally understand the highs and the lows of startup life and can help you navigate the journey."

Jude Cook, CEO, ShareIn


"There is a better than evens chance that the next billion dollar startup to come out of Edinburgh is currently a tenant in CodeBase."

Nigel Eccles, CEO, FanDuel