A lot is changing: cityscapes, the way we teach and learn from each other, the kinds of jobs we can aspire to. CodeBase is a cluster of tech companies, but we don’t just want to build businesses - we want to create a vibrant community that has ‘giving back’ built in to its DNA. We love working with schools, charities, social enterprises, philanthropic groups, and anyone else doing awesome things for communities.

One of the favourite things we do is hosting Prewired, our regular coding club for under 19s. Every week for the past four years our event spaces have been filled with young people looking to learn digital skills, whether it’s code or design or even product management. We welcome any skill level, from those who have never coded before, to those who have built their own cryptocurrencies!

P.S. if you want to find out more about Prewired, click here for more info.

Charities need to innovate too, and we’d love to help. If you’re looking to engage with technical partners or to strengthen your funding applications, we’re happy to chat!

Case Studies

  • Community groups

  • Opportunity North East

  • Code Your Future

  • Code 4000

  • Digital Skills 4 Girls

  • Shelter

  • Schools

  • Summerhack

  • Equate Scotland