A Bit About Us.


We started off by creating a big space that was affordable, city-central, with awesome WiFi to help tech startups and scaleups focus on building their businesses, and not have to worry about onerous long term leases, negotiating for property, etc.

We hit the ground running. Since 2014 we’ve grown five-fold in size in Edinburgh, CodeBase in Stirling came online in 2017, followed by ONE CodeBase in Aberdeen in June 2019.

We have also built strategic corporate partnerships with Barclays and PwC.

As well as our three core cities, part of the Barclays partnership involves us delivering mentorship and business support to 21 Barclays Eagle Labs throughout the whole of the UK, in these locations:


We see a lot of startups. A lot.

We also spend a whole bunch of time speaking with universities, city councils, local and national government, corporates, VCs, angels, social enterprises - basically all the major ingredients of the modern tech startup ecosystem.

We’ve been learning a lot and constantly iterating, but now, increasingly, we’re reflecting back what we have learned, creating programmes and products around what we think can help to create new jobs and new wealth, being additive to ongoing programmes.

Team CodeBase, Christmas 2018

Team CodeBase, Christmas 2018

Here are some nice things other people have said about us:


"It's about realising that just because you're from a small country doesn't mean that you can't be a huge company, and the ambition to go and do that is fostered in CodeBase."

Andrew Parfery, Director, Care Sourcer


"From our first meetings with CodeBase, it was clear they understood where we wanted to go with our company. They pushed us, challenging us to understand our market and what unique problems we were trying to solve.

"This approach kept us honest and focused on our product market fit... All in all, the combination of knowledge sharing, goal setting and opportunity available to us at CodeBase has given Pasabi the edge it needs to become a success."

Chris Downie, CEO, Pasabi


"As a first time founder myself, one of the most valuable aspects of Codebase is the amazing support received.

"The CodeBase team and other start up companies are an invaluable trusted source of knowledge. They are genuine operators - people who‘ve been and done it themselves before. I feel privileged to be around others who totally understand the highs and the lows of startup life and can help you navigate the journey."

Jude Cook, CEO, ShareIn


"CodeBase is a great incubator as it’s the focal point of Scotland’s biggest tech community. They understand the startup mentality and provide access to useful events, advisors and potential investors."

Ali Khajeh-Hosseini, CEO, ShopForCloud (acquired by Rightscale)


"There is a better than evens chance that the next billion dollar startup to come out of Edinburgh is currently a tenant in CodeBase."

Nigel Eccles, CEO, FanDuel

Our Network



The best practitioner-led peer support network in the UK for tech entrepreneurs.

By bringing together the best tech companies in the country, the opportunities for peer learning and training within CodeBase are second to none.


Join our amazing community and work with some of the finest tech talent in the country.

Custom-built offices, from 2 to 100 person spaces, designed with tech startups in mind. Build, scale and hire in the fastest growing tech incubator in Europe.


Meet local and international investors with track records in the tech industry.

We act as a focal point for investors, including DFJ Esprit, Oxford Capital, Scottish Equity Partners, Pentech VC, Notion Capital, Seedcamp, DN Capital, Jenson and more.