Thanks Skyscanner!

A huge thank you to Skyscanner for their generous donation of surplus laptops to help at the various coding clubs we host. They have all had a spring clean and are in full use equipping the eager tech leaders of tomorrow.

The laptops are being put to very good use by the young people of Prewired, the under 19s programming club, and the young women of Digital Skills 4 Girls, our new venture which introduces girls to a range of digital disciplines, including: coding, video design / editing, graphic design, UX design, etc.

We're is committed to ensuring that the brilliant minds of the future aren't hindered by lack of access to equipment, knowledge, and experience. Having the ability to provide laptops to those that need them keeps our digital skills clubs accessible to all and ensures that nobody is left behind.


With the push for STEM to transition to STEAM through the inclusion of the arts, we're also able to encourage great creative minds to interact with the tech world. As we all know, that great app, website, or game that we tell everyone about wouldn't be that great if it didn't have a great visual design and UX. A broader range of skills are required for this than coding on its own and Skyscanner's laptop donation helps us focus our attention on trying to grow those skills alongside other complimentary skills to help prepare the next generation of great business leaders.