On Hotdesking

We are slowly approaching the end of our second year since the introduction of hotdesking at CodeBase. The time has come to pay it its due.


At the end of 2017, we asked the guys from Edinburgh Tool Library to come and treat our hotdesking to a new setup. They came and they built, and it all looks amazing. Working with Chris and Jonny was a feast, big kudos for their efforts and how they managed to source all of our whims. We now offer high seating as well as regular desk space, together with the sofas (which we had to decrease the number of, not sadly, for comfort is treachery). We have gained extra hotseats, which means we can accept more newcomers. It could not be a better timing. As we began to come near to the figure of 350 names on record, and some projects went postnatal and fast-growth already at the level of hotdesking, we started to fear we will soon run out of space.


Hotdesking has enabled CodeBase to widely open its doors to Edinburgh’s entrepreneurial public, to dedicate a critical place for people to come and work without reservation. It has also enabled us to open our eyes widely to the motions that go through this city, to become a bay of sorts, for the trends and activities that look for a place to stream into. We welcome early-stagers, remote workers, freelancers, enthusiasts and learners. The area is also a playground for our tenants, who make the most of whiff-whaff tournaments, Peppers lunch trolleys and Groats porridge pop-ups. It’s a coffee fountain where Filament has been our rock to stand caffeinated on. One could call it an intensive hang out zone with a background ping pong sound, or maybe a club of rudimentary introductions with whispers that carry gravity. The walls and concrete floor here could already tell many stories about the sort of things that bounced off them, about ideas shared and shred, deals baked, iced and sliced. There is more to come, and we are truly excited to see what 2018 will bring along its timelines.

The current hotdesking we offer is:

  • Monthly membership for £50, with a Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM access.
  • A one day, one-off pass for £10.