Creative Bridge

The Creative Industries Accelerator


Creative Bridge is an accelerator programme with a difference. Running over ten consecutive weeks it is designed for creatives from all backgrounds to learn start-up best practice and hear creative entrepreneurs’ stories of how they made something amazing happen, or how they failed. Participants will gain valuable insights into both what defines success for them and how to get there.

The programme consists of learning alongside a cohort of contemporaries selected from a wide range of creative disciplines, working in groups to deliver an overarching project.

Each cohort is limited to 25 participants and places are fully funded for qualifying applicants by the Creative Industries Clusters Programme managed by the Arts & Humanities Research Council as part of the Industrial Strategy.

Tutors and Sessions


Creative Bridge will combine theory sessions with Storytelling sessions from those who have done a great thing in the creative industries. You’ll get to hear the warts and all journeys that real entrepreneurs have been on, and talk to them open about success and mistakes.


Session 1 - Software is eating the World

The world is changing, faster and faster, and old ways working are being swallowed up by software. Understanding how the Creative fits into this world is key.

Session 2 - Understanding Markets

Great businesses are only great if enough people are willing to buy your product. The first step in any great startup is to sit down and think about the market size.

Session 3 - Storytelling 1

Session 4 - Knowing your customers

We’ll be talking through the importance of getting out the building, why you shouldn’t build what your customers ask for, and how to use customer research to generate product ideas.

Session 5 - Storytelling 2

Session 6 - Build, Measure, Learn

What can Toyota teach creatives about creativity? How to use build-measure-learn cycles learn about your customers and product, and what your first Minimum Viable Product might look like.

Session 7 - Storytelling 3

Session 8 - Pitch decks

A pitch deck is a vital tool of the startup - whether you’re talking to investors, or trying to get your first customers, we’ll talk through the fundamentals.

Session 9 - Storytelling 4

Session 10 - Funding

Great ideas need money to get them off the ground, and we’ll talk through the fundamentals, whether it’s grant money, private investment, or crowdfunding. We’ll also talk about when not to take someone’s money.



Creative Bridge is completely free to qualifying applicants *

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Creative Bridge is part of Creative Informatics, a partnership between the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, Creative Edinburgh and CodeBase. Through six research and development initiatives, Creative Informatics will enable creatives and cultural organisations to explore and better understand how data-driven technologies can be used to enhance their work. These initiatives will develop local talent, placing creatives in the driving seat of data-driven innovation and ensuring that Edinburgh’s creative and cultural industries continue to thrive.



How much does the course cost?

The course if fully funded for qualifying applicants by the Creative Industries Clusters Programme managed by the Arts & Humanities Research Council as part of the Industrial Strategy. The value of the course is £5000.00

What happens with any IP generated on the course?

You retain your IP. CodeBase/Creative Informatics won’t claim ownership of any IP generated on Creative Bridge.

Does it involve coding?

No! While we will be talking about building businesses around online products, we won’t be delving into the technical side.

What do you work on in the course?

Throughout the course you’ll work in a group on a fictional business around the concept of an Online Learning Platform. You’ll work through the steps of building this idea and learn the skills required to apply these skills to your own projects. The two key outcomes will be building a business model (via a Lean Canvas) to understand your business internally, and a pitch deck to show your business to the world.

I don’t have an idea for a product, can I apply?

Absolutely - one of the key topics we’ll go through is how good ideas come about - it may be that you’re experiencing the pain points that lead to great products without even realising it.

Is there homework?

No - we’ll be sharing bits of suggested content in order to help you learn more, but none of it is mandatory. We know how precious your time is!

Will I be fed?

We will provide you with coffee, tea, cake and fruit to keep you going, but no such thing as a free lunch. We’ll make sure there are veggie, vegan, and gluten free options available too.

Can travel costs be covered?

If you’d like to attend but think that travel to central Edinburgh would make the course prohibitively expensive, get in touch.

Where will the course be held?

Codebase, 38 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH3 9DZ

How do I apply?

Head over to the and select Creative Bridge to start your application.

How many participants will be on the course?

There will be a maximum of 25. So, make sure you apply early!